Myths About Filler Injections


If you’ve never received filler injection cosmetic procedures, the first time can be scary. The fears only add up when friends, family, the world-wide-web, and social media channels bombard users with misinformation about all the things that can go wrong.

A major reason to turn to the magic needle is to erase signs of aging. Pesky little lines under the eyes, the forehead, smile lines can all make us feel ancient. Correcting lip shape and getting model cheekbones are also popular requests among clients.

Although getting filler injections isn’t an absolute necessity, some opt for the option to get that confidence boost.

Before going through with any procedure it is important to know all the facts. It is especially useful to be aware of all the myths swirling around filler injections procedures.


If you are experiencing a lot of pain and discomfort after a filler injections procedure, it is likely because it was not performed correctly. Filler injections done in our Mississauga office are not painful, because the technicians performing them are experienced and knowledgeable. Feeling a pinprick isn’t out of the question, but anything beyond that is abnormal. Furthermore, most technicians use numbing cream in order to prevent the patient from feeling any type of pain during the procedure.

There is some small possibility that there will be discomfort post-procedure, but it usually only occurs in individuals whose body is rejecting the fillers or the procedure was not performed correctly.

Filler Injections


Biologically speaking filler injections are not addictive. The body naturally dissolves hyaluronic acid fillers (one of the most popular filler types) over time. The filler injections last for six months to two years because the body slowly breaks down the filler and gets rid of it through appropriate channels until is nothing left behind.

There is some potential of getting addicted to the way one looks after the procedure, but that is a psychological issue that could manifest itself in other ways. If there are underlying insecurity issues and hope that filler injections will change your life for the better, it is best to address those first. Filler injections are meant as a temporary boost and will not be a life-changing experience, although in some cases they can stimulate collagen growth.


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We have all seen those celebrities on magazine covers, as well as regular women who have done just a few too many filler injections. Granted that is not an attractive look, but blaming filler injections shouldn’t be the go-to solution. Filler injections should be performed sparingly, with professionals overseeing the process. It is also important to ask impartial individuals or friends who will be honest with you whether a certain procedure looks overdone. There are also telltale signs to watch out for. If – after a procedure – you are being stared at on the street by strangers, whereas that hadn’t happened in the past, it is likely due to a bad procedure and not because the filler injections have transformed you completely.  It is also useful to start off small and see how your body reacts to the filler injections.


Lip Filling Injections



While filler injections can be very effective for certain type of wrinkles and certain types of procedures, it is not a cure-all. When it comes to wrinkles, normally only the deepest set wrinkles can be easily corrected with filler injections. A doctor or a professional who has been performing the procedure for at least five years should treat fine lines and wrinkles that are just starting to form. In order to treat fine lines, the filler injections need to be placed on a certain level of the skin and injected in such a way that the hyaluronic acid or any other type of filler stays exactly in that place. This type of precision requires knowledge, skill, and experience. These types of wrinkles are more difficult to treat due to the fore mentioned.

Lip and cheekbone injections can be tricky, but only when a certain type of filler is used. Most doctors recommend using hyaluronic acid, especially if you’re having the procedure performed for the first time. This type of filler dissolves easily and corrections can be made if the result isn’t satisfactory.

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