Top Laser Hair Removal Tips


Those pesky little hairs can seem like a nuisance up until they become a real bother. Laser hair removal in our Mississauga office has given us a unique perspective on the top tips to laser hair removal.

The procedure may take some time to start showing results, but it does produce semi-permanent and permanent changes.  Once you have gone through about 12 appointments for laser hair removal, chances are you have minimal to no hair in the chosen area.

The procedure of removing hair with a laser was first performed in the 1970’s with an alexandrite laser but wasn’t approved by the FDA. In 1964 the YAG laser was the first laser approved by the FDA.

Both of these lasers were a start to something much grander, but in their initial technological simplicity, they lacked heat and elements to permanently remove the hair follicle.

During that time Dr. Thomas B. Fitzpatrick of Harvard also created the first photo-typing scale, which offers classifications for the human skin colour and is still used today.


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Laser hair removal technology is most beneficial to the fairest ones. The lighter the skin of the individual the more easily it rejects heat. In the reverse, the darker the skin of an individual the better it is accustomed to absorbing heat. Our bodies developed in this way due to environmental causes and the genetic make-up given to us by our ancestors to better adapt to the climate they lived in. So if you are dark skinned it is likely best to save your money on something more worthwhile. Ideal candidates for hair laser removal are individuals with very light skin and very dark hair.



When it comes to the hair follicle, it is most easily removed on someone with dark hair.  As a rule the laser targets the dark pigment in the hair follicle, thus making it tricky to remove gray, white, blonde, and red pigmented hair. While it is not impossible to treat dark skin or light hair it is not recommended without extensive research and a couple of conversations with your practitioner.  Although lasers may appear fairly safe there is no reason to put your body through undue stress if positive results are not likely. There is a good reason why you are asked to wear protective glasses during laser hair removal sessions.



Before attending your first laser hair removal session it is important to shave the area you plan to have work done on.  The practitioner needs easy and smooth access to the area in order to produce the best result. The size of the hair and follicle left after shaving the area helps the laser heating mechanism zero-in to the exact area it needs and produce the best results possible. Tweezing, plucking or waxing is a big no-no, because these processes completely eliminate the hair follicle for a period of time, which does not allow the laser to find it and destroy it.


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It is important to realize that laser hair removal makes the skin very sensitive and prone to burning. After an initial visit with a laser hair removal practitioner, you will learn that it is best to keep the area out of the sun for at least a few days and moisturize with aloe vera and other soothing substances. It goes without saying that tanning beds and spray tans are out of the question. It is important to lather up with strong sunscreen if you have to be in the sun with the sensitive skin exposed, even if it is for a short period of time under indirect sunlight.



The treatment is effective and results will be seen within three months, however, it is a long process. On average using laser hair removal can only be done every four weeks because each hair follicle goes through its own growth cycle. This means the practitioner needs to catch the hair follicle at the right time. That is also why hair grows back in patches. The process can easily take a year to complete because of the wait periods and the somewhat unpredictable hair growth cycles. Being consistent is key to success and will bring on the best results.

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